Booster Packs

Mystic Mythics

Mystic Mythics is a collectible trading card game, which features a variety of creatures from mythology, folklore, and religions around the world! Each card will contain information about the creature at hand, in the form of both a location of origin and a short description. Each card will also have a specific rarity (common, rare, ultra rare, or legendary) with each subsequent rarity being less likely to show up (more info below!).

Mystic Mythics is sold in booster packs. Each individual booster pack will contain 6 cards, and each series (of which 6 card booster packs will be sold) will contain 40 cards in total.

Detailed here are the chances of pulling at least one card of a specific rarity in a single booster pack:

Common: 100%
Rare: 87%
Ultra rare: 25%
Legendary: 10%
Holographic Ultra Rare: 8%
Holographic legendary: 3%

Each series contains a holographic version of every single ultra rare and legendary card in the series, as well as some secret holographic cards! Each series will also contain one or two secret alternate art holographics, which are incredibly rare!

On top of being collectible cards, Mystic Mythics also includes a simple and straightforward game, in which you’ll build a little deck of cards and battle against your friends!

The rules for the game can be found here.

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