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Mystic Mythics Eclipse Series Booster Pack

Mystic Mythics Eclipse Series Booster Pack

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A single Mystic Mythics booster pack, containing 6 random cards of a possible 40, of which at least one will be of a rarity higher than common.  This booster pack is part of the eclipse series. 

Mystic Mythics is a collectible trading card game, which features a variety of creatures from mythology, folklore, and religions around the world! Each card will contain information about the creature at hand, in the form of both a location of origin and a short description. Each card will also have a specific rarity (common, rare, ultra rare, or legendary) with each subsequent rarity being less likely to show up. Detailed here are the chances of pulling at least one card of a specific rarity in a single booster pack:

Common: 100%

Rare: 87%
Ultra rare: 25%
Legendary: 10%
Holographic Ultra Rare: 8%
Holographic legendary: 3%

The eclipse series contains 24 common cards, 8 rare cards, 5 ultra rare cards, and 3 legendary cards. There is also a holographic version of each legendary and ultra rare card, as well as some secret holographics!

On top of being collectible cards, Mystic Mythics also includes a simple and straightforward game, in which you’ll build a little deck of cards and battle against your friends!

These cards are intended for those 16 years old and older, as they feature mature content.

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