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Nations And Empires

Nations And Empires

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Nations and Empires is an expansive historical strategy game, in which you will use some of the worlds most influential and iconic historical leaders and scientists to develop your nations. Collect economy, military, science, and civil liberty tokens, while fighting to conquer your opponents empires. You'll need to strategize and use your leaders unique traits and abilities to outsmart, out-develop, and out-battle your opponents. Develop nukes with science tokens, assassinate leaders and survive natural disasters with event cards, sign binding formal agreements and alliances with other players, build iconic landmarks, fight dire battles, and more!


Will you be a peaceful leader who quietly develops their schools, civil liberty, and science, or a conqueror who invades all other nations, bending the world to your will?



65 leader cards

20 scientist cards

22 giant nation cards

over 25 structure cards

over 35 event cards

over 350 punchboard tokens

25 six sided die

1 expansive rulebook


2-8 Players

20-140 Minute playtime

Ages 14+


DISCLAIMER: This game contains a handful of controversial historical leaders, many of which have committed despicable acts in the past. I have chosen to include them in this game for the sake of historical integrity; I have always been a strong believer in the notion that we must study and analyze the past, rather than attempt to hide it away. The discomfort they bring us is a harsh reminder of what humanity is capable of, and an even stronger reminder that we mustn't ever become politically complacent in our every day lives, and always fight for what's right. If any of these figures particularly upset you, please feel free to remove them from the game before playing.

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